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Does Tapbit have an API?

Does Tapbit have an API?

Yes, Tapbit does have an API, as detailed in the Tapbit USDT Perpetual API documentation. The API provides access to general information, market data endpoints, WebSocket information, change logs, and error codes. However, if you're looking for an alternative that allows you to integrate with Tapbit and 300+ other digital assets, consider using Mesh instead.

About Tapbit

Tapbit, a borderless crypto platform founded in 2021, offers users the ability to buy, sell, and store digital assets through a user-friendly interface. Headquartered in Tórtola, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, the company has between 51-100 employees and operates in the cryptocurrency, financial services, and trading platform industries. With robust security measures and regulatory licenses, Tapbit provides a secure and stable trading service for mainstream crypto assets, catering to a global audience of investors.

Rate Limits

Tapbit API rate limits are:

  • Connection Rate Limit:
  • 1 connection per second.
  • Subscription Rate Limit:
  • 240 subscriptions per hour.


Here's a brief overview of how to authenticate your requests to the Tapbit API:

  1. Obtain your API key from Tapbit, which will be used for authentication purposes.
  2. Determine whether the interface you're accessing is public or private. Public interfaces do not require authentication, while private interfaces do.
  3. For private interfaces, sign your request using the canonical form of verification and include your API key in the request.
  4. Ensure that your request adheres to the rate limits and other requirements specified in the API documentation.
  5. Send your authenticated request to the appropriate endpoint, as detailed in the API documentation.


Here are the most common API errors for Tapbit API:

  • Error 429: "request too much" - This error indicates that you have exceeded the allowed rate limits. To resolve this issue, review the rate limits in the API documentation and adjust your requests accordingly.
  • Error 10501: "ping timeout" - This error suggests that the WebSocket connection has timed out. To troubleshoot, check your network connection and ensure that you are sending regular ping messages to maintain the WebSocket connection.
  • Error 10504: "unsupported topic" - This error occurs when you are trying to subscribe to a topic that is not supported by the API. To fix this issue, review the available topics in the API documentation and ensure that you are using a valid topic for your subscription.

Recent changes

Here are five of the most recent changes to the Tapbit API:

  • On 2023-09-22: Two optional parameters "position_mode" and "separated_position_id" were added to "/api/v1/usdt/order" and a "separated_position_id" field was added to "/api/v1/usdt/position_list".
  • On 2023-08-23: A "margin_mode" field was added to the responses of "/api/v1/usdt/order_info" and "/api/v1/usdt/open_order_list".
  • On 2023-06-02: Request parameters "take_profit_price", "stop_lose_price" and "trigger_way" were added to "/api/v1/usdt/order" and fields "take_profit_price", "take_profit_order_type", "stop_loss_price" and "stop_loss_order_type" were added to the responses of "/api/v1/usdt/order_info" and "/api/v1/usdt/open_order_list".
  • On 2023-05-24: Two Restful APIs "/api/v1/usdt/cancel_plan_close_order" and "/api/v1/usdt/plan_close_order_list" were added.
  • On 2023-04-08: The initial version of the API was published.

An alternative to the Tapbit API.

While Tapbit's API offers a way to integrate with their platform, using Mesh to connect with Tapbit and 300+ other digital asset exchanges and wallets can provide a more streamlined and efficient experience. In this section, we'll discuss the advantages of using Mesh's integrations over accessing Tapbit's API directly.

Here are some reasons why using Mesh's integrations is a better option:

  • Ease of use: Mesh provides a user-friendly experience, making it easy for developers to navigate and find the information they need.
  • Integrations with multiple exchanges: Mesh connects to over 300 brokerages, centralized exchanges, and self-custody wallets, offering extensive flexibility and choice for developers and businesses.
  • Cost: While specific pricing information is not provided, Mesh works with businesses to create customized pricing plans based on their needs.
  • Simplified asset management: Mesh API enables customers' end users to easily manage their digital assets through an embedded, guided asset deposit experience, without ever leaving their customers' apps.
  • Integrated user experience: Mesh's "Pay with Crypto" service allows customers' end users to pay from their existing accounts on various platforms with a single integration, offering a seamless user experience.
  • Broad connectivity: Mesh's extensive integration catalog connects users to 300+ major brokerages, centralized exchanges, and self-custody wallets through their secure APIs.

Considering these advantages, using Mesh's integrations can be a more efficient and convenient option for developers and businesses looking to integrate with Tapbit and other digital assets. To get started with Mesh, visit the Mesh signup page.