Mesh Portfolio

Powerful account aggregation enables the modern era of financial services. Say farewell to screen scraping, stale data, and history caps, and say hello to true, API-based integrations.

MetaMask Portfolio uses Mesh to enable users to link their exchange accounts
MetaMask Portfolio uses Mesh Portfolio to enable users to link their exchange accounts
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API-based integrations, no screen scraping
Normalized transaction history back to account opening
Email & password authentication
Seamlessly move assets to your platform
1 integration, 300+ exchanges and wallets

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Real-time data

Mesh gives you secure, real-time access to aggregated investment assets and fiat balances across all holdings in your customers’ portfolio. Eliminating stale data improves your ability to provide informed value to your customers.

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Mesh Portfolio showcase
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Seamlessly deposit assets from the external portfolio onto your platform

Once you’re able to view your customers’ held-away assets, you can easily encourage them to deposit those assets onto your platform in as few as 3 clicks.

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Mesh Portfolio showcase
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An extensive integration catalog

One integration with Mesh’s secure API unlocks connectivity to 300+ major crypto exchanges, self-custody wallets, and brokerages.

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Mesh Portfolio Showcase
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Detailed transaction & transfer history

Access normalized transaction data across your customers’ portfolios all the way back to each account’s opening. No screen scraping means no artificial history caps.

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