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A single Mesh account delivers access to hundreds of embedded, read-write integrations that connect your app to your customers’ financial world.

Users can authenticate into over 300 banks, brokerages, CeFi exchanges, or DeFi wallets with true integrations, not screen scraping. This means real-time data, no artificial transaction history caps, trading capabilities for stocks and crypto, and the ability to transfer assets.

Leadership team

Front Finance | Bam Azizi
Bam Azizi, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
Front Finance | Adam Israel
Adam Israel, CFA
COO & Co-Founder
Front Finance | Jason Zhang
Jason Zhang
VP of Product
Front Finance | Arjun Mukherjee
Arjun Mukherjee
VP of Engineering
Front Finance | Rani Nagpal
Rani Nagpal
VP of Marketing
Front Finance | Gabriele Galli
Gabriele Galli
VP of Sales and Business Development


Money Forward
Samsung NEXT
Alumni Ventures
Plug and Play
Capital Group


Dan Kahn
Ex-VP at Plaid
Anil Arora
Former CEO of Yodlee
Abbas “Eddy” Zuaiter
CIO of Zuaiter Capital, Ex-COO of Soros Management Fund
Jim DuBois
Partner at Ignition Fuse Partners, Ex-CIO of Microsoft
David Andre
CSO of Google-X, Ex-CTO of Cerebellum Quant Fund
Mike Powell
Elmwood & ECM, Ex-Executive at HSBC
Additional advisors from Visa, Plaid, Coinbase
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