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Does BitForex have an API?

Does BitForex have an API?

Yes, BitForex does have an API that provides access to market data, account and trade information, and error codes. You can find more details in the BitForex API documentation. However, if you're looking for an alternative that allows you to integrate with multiple digital asset exchanges and wallets, consider using Mesh, which has built integrations with 300+ platforms, including BitForex.

About BitForex

BitForex, founded by Jason Luo in 2017, is a digital asset trading platform that offers users safe, professional, and convenient services for trading cryptocurrencies. Headquartered in Singapore and registered in the Republic of Seychelles, the company has independent operating teams in various countries, including Germany, Estonia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and the Philippines. BitForex serves users in over 186 countries and provides a range of services, such as spot and perpetual trading, NFT marketplace, asset management, and crypto loans.

General usage

Key aspects of BitForex's APIs include:

  1. Market Data API: Allows users to access a wide range of market data. This includes real-time price feeds, trading volumes, and historical data. It's essential for traders who rely on up-to-date market information for their trading decisions.
  2. Websocket Market Streams API: Provides real-time market data streaming via Websocket. This is particularly useful for high-frequency traders and applications that require immediate updates on market changes.
  3. Spot Account/Trade API: Facilitates spot trading on the BitForex platform. Users can execute trades, manage orders, and view their trading history. This API is tailored for active traders who engage in spot market transactions.
  4. Authentication and Security: To access the API, users must create an API key. BitForex emphasizes secure access and data integrity, with detailed guidelines on authentication procedures.
  5. Data Format and Standards: The API supports standard Websocket heartbeat modes and returns data in JSON format. This ensures easy integration and consistency in data retrieval and manipulation.
  6. Comprehensive Documentation: BitForex provides extensive documentation, offering detailed information on response formats, error handling, and API usage. This makes it easier for developers and traders to integrate and utilize the API effectively.

Rate Limits

BitForex API rate limits:

  • Public Endpoints (RateType: IP):
  • /api/v1/ping, /api/v1/time: 10 requests per second.
  • /api/v1/market/symbols: 1 request per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/market/ticker: 5 requests per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/market/depth: 1 request per 2 seconds.
  • /api/v1/market/trades, /api/v1/market/kline: 1 request per 10 seconds.
  • Private Endpoints (RateType: ApiKey):
  • /api/v1/fund/mainAccount: 2 requests per 2 seconds.
  • /api/v1/fund/allAccount: 1 request per 30 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/placeOrder: 20 requests per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/placeMultiOrder, /api/v1/trade/multiOrderInfo: 2 requests per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/cancelOrder: 30 requests per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/cancelMultiOrder: 3 requests per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/cancelAllOrder, /api/v1/trade/myTrades: 1 request per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/orderInfo: 20 requests per 10 seconds.
  • /api/v1/trade/orderInfos: 1 request per 5 seconds


This is how you authenticate your requests to the BitForex API:

  1. Generate an API key and secret key via the BitForex website, and write them down.
  2. Set IP restrictions on the key for security reasons.
  3. Import the HMAC and hashlib libraries in your code.
  4. Define the accessKey and secretKey variables with your API key and secret key.
  5. Create a content string that includes the API endpoint and parameters, and generate the signature using, content, digestmod=hashlib.sha256).hexdigest().

Once you've generated the signature, you can use it for authentication in your API requests.


Here is the most common API errors for Bitfinex:

  • 1003: Parameter error - Check the parameters in your API request and ensure they match the expected format.
  • 1015: Request too often - Ensure your requests are within the rate limits specified in the API documentation and consider implementing a delay between requests if necessary.
  • 3002: Insufficient funds available - Verify your account balance and ensure you have enough funds for the desired operation, or consider depositing more funds into your account.

An alternative to the BitForex API.

While the BitForex API offers a range of features for accessing market data and managing digital assets, using Mesh API can provide several advantages over directly accessing BitForex's API. Mesh is designed to simplify the process of integrating with multiple digital asset exchanges and wallets, making it an attractive option for developers and businesses looking for a streamlined and efficient solution.

Here are some reasons why using Mesh API is a better option than accessing the BitForex API directly:

  • Single integration for multiple platforms: Mesh connects to over 300 brokerages, exchanges, and wallets with just one integration, providing extensive flexibility and choice for developers and businesses.
  • Streamlined user experience: Mesh seamlessly embeds cryptocurrency functionalities into your app, offering a smooth user journey and simplifying asset management.
  • Cost-effective solution: Mesh offers customized, volume-based pricing. This can provide cost benefits compared to managing multiple API integrations individually.
  • Real-time data and transaction history: Mesh's account aggregation feature provides real-time data and transaction history, making it easier for end users to track and manage digital assets across multiple platforms.
  • Secure global payments: Mesh's "Pay with Crypto" feature offers secure global payments and integrations with multiple exchanges, ensuring a safe and convenient payment experience for users.

Considering these advantages, using Mesh API can be a more efficient and cost-effective solution for developers and businesses looking to integrate with multiple digital asset exchanges and wallets, including BitForex. Start with Mesh today and experience the ease and efficiency of their cutting-edge API in your digital currency endeavors.