Crypto connectivity reimagined

Mesh securely enables safer and easier crypto deposits, payments, and on-ramping from 300+ leading exchanges and wallets, all without leaving your platform.

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The most seamless, secure way to move crypto

Customers can connect popular exchanges or wallets and send assets directly to your platform.

No API keys, no copying and pasting addresses, no leaving your platform
Mesh never touches assets, providing a direct wallet-to-wallet transfer
No PII or user credentials are ever stored at rest
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Crypto Deposits, simplified

Double your deposit success rate
  • Keep customers in your platform when they deposit crypto

  • Simplify deposits to just a few steps

  • Prevent lost funds due to misconfigured transfers and address poisoning

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Crypto Payments, streamlined

Increase payment conversion
  • Unlock embedded payments from all major exchanges and wallets with a single integration

  • Replace API keys and copying & pasting with simple user logins

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Settle in stablecoin to avoid crypto volatility

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Crypto on-ramp, reinvented

On-ramp directly with major exchanges
  • Put an end to duplicative KYC’ing and adding payment methods with new on-ramp providers

  • Let your customers buy crypto using balances and payment methods in the KYC’d Exchange accounts they already have

  • Reduce the fees your customers pay to buy crypto in your wallet

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40+ supported tokens on 15+ networks

Increase security, usability, and revenue

Our powerful API revolutionizes crypto deposits, payments, and on-ramping by enabling seamless and secure wallet-to-wallet connectivity.

Double crypto deposit success rate

Reduce the steps for customers to receive crypto by 60%

Grow revenue with higher on-ramp conversion rates

Give your customers embedded access to purchase crypto on your platform through their already-KYC’d exchange accounts

Safeguard against asset loss

Mesh's technology creates secure, user-friendly experience that prevents misconfigured transfers and address poisoning

Integrate in under a week with our developer-friendly APIs & SDKs

Our SDK provides an out-of-the-box experience that manages Mesh’s entire catalog of integrations, all authentication flows, and elegantly reimagined crypto deposit and payment experiences.

A single, unified API provides access to 300+ exchanges and wallets
Out-of-the-box SDKs for web, iOS, Android, and React Native
Average integration takes less than 1 week
Great partnership.. one of the quickest integrations we have done thanks to a very simple and powerful API.

MERU - R3mit Solutions Inc.

Everyone at Mesh is a security engineer first

Mesh is a comprehensive, trusted, secure, and SOC II compliant solution with a team that has decades of experience in auth and identity management.

Soc 2 Type II certified
Zero trust architecture
No user PII or credentials stored at rest
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