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Does Crossmint have an API?

Does Crossmint have an API?

Yes, Crossmint does have an API, and provides a suite of tools for managing and operating NFTs, including wallet creation, NFT minting, and collection management, and accessible to users without extensive blockchain knowledge. It supports multiple blockchain networks and offers both API and no-code options for a broad range of NFT-related operations. However, if you're looking for an alternative that allows you to integrate not only with Crossmint, but also with 300+ other digital asset exchanges and wallets, consider using Mesh API instead.

About Crossmint

Crossmint, founded in 2021 by Alfonso Gómez-Jordana Mañas and Rodri Fernandez Touza, is a leading enterprise-grade NFT developer platform based in New York. They offer a suite of tools, including NFT Checkout, NFT Minting API, and Wallet as a Service, catering to over 30,000 enterprises and developers. With a focus on accessibility and seamless user experience, Crossmint aims to make NFTs available to everyone, providing scalable infrastructure, audited and secure smart contracts, and compliance with regulations like SOC-2, GDPR, and CCPA.

General usage

Here's a brief summary of Crossmint’s APIs:

  1. Wallet APIs: These include creating wallets, getting wallets for a user, transferring NFTs, and signing messages. This set of APIs is designed to handle wallet management and operations involving NFTs within these wallets.
  2. NFT APIs: These are focused on minting NFTs, both standard and semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), getting NFT information, mint status, and editing NFT details. This category caters to the creation and management of NFTs.
  3. NFT Collection APIs: This category includes APIs for creating NFT collections, getting collection information, updating collection details, setting and retrieving royalties, and managing collection transferability. These APIs provide functionalities for managing NFT collections as a whole.
  4. NFT Templates APIs: These APIs allow for creating and editing templates for NFTs, as well as retrieving template details. They are useful for standardizing NFT creation processes.
  5. Action Status API: This API gives the status of various actions performed through other APIs, offering a way to track the progress or status of operations.
  6. Admin API: This is used for administrative purposes, like getting usage statistics.

Rate Limits

Here are the specific rate limit for Crossmint API:

  • Base Limits for POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE methods:
  • 120 requests per minute per project.
  • Base Limit for GET method:
  • 360 requests per minute per project.
  • Exceptions for specific API routes:
  • /api/2022-06-09/collections/{collectionId}/nfts (POST): 600 req/min/project
  • /api/2022-06-09/collections/{collectionId}/nfts/{nftName} (PUT): 600 req/min/project
  • /api/2022-06-09/collections/{collectionId} (GET): 600 req/min/project
  • /api/2022-06-09/collections/{collectionId}/nfts/{id} (GET): 600 req/min/project.


This is how you authenticate your Crossmint API:

  1. Create a new Web3Auth project by logging into your Web3Auth account, navigating to the dashboard, and adding a new project with the required details such as name, description, and website URL.
  2. Configure your project by selecting it from the dashboard, going to the "Custom Authentication" tab, and creating a verifier as a Custom Provider. Add the JWKS Endpoint and create custom validations for the provider.
  3. Retrieve the client and verifier IDs by selecting your project from the dashboard, finding the client ID in the "Project Details" tab, and locating the verifier ID for the recently created verifier in the "Custom Authentication" tab.


Here are the most common API errors for Crossmint API:

  • Not Enough Credits: This error occurs when you run out of API credits. To resolve this, purchase more credits on the billing page in the production environment or request a top-up for the staging environment by emailing [email protected].
  • Infinite loading on checkout: If you experience an issue with the checkout process, check the Chrome developer console for errors. If the error is unclear, consider asking for help on Stack Overflow using the 'crossmint' tag.
  • ERC20 transfer amount doesn't match totalPrice: This error occurs when the price passed in the totalPrice attribute of the mintConfig does not match the price set in the smart contract. Ensure that the price passed in the totalPrice attribute matches the price set in the contract, converting any decimal places accordingly.

An alternative to the Crossmint API

While the Crossmint API is a robust tool for NFT developers, the Mesh API presents several added advantages, making it a compelling choice. Integrating with Mesh gives you access to not just Crossmint, but also over 300 other digital asset exchanges and wallets, simplifying your end users’ digital asset management. Here are some key benefits of choosing Mesh API over the Crossmint API:

  • Integrated User Experience: Mesh API enables a seamless, embedded experience for users, allowing them to deposit assets from various sources directly within your app. This eliminates the need to switch between apps and simplifies the withdrawal process.
  • Broad Connectivity: With a single integration, Mesh API connects to 300+ major brokerages, centralized exchanges, and self-custody wallets through secure APIs, providing extensive flexibility and choice for your users.
  • Simplified Asset Management: Mesh API supports 20+ tokens and 10+ networks, making it easier and safer for users to fund their wallets with external assets. Additionally, the Mesh API provides full visibility into each network's fees, ensuring transparency and informed decision-making for your users.
  • Cost Benefits: Mesh offers customized pricing options for businesses, which can be discussed with their sales team.

Start with Mesh today and discover the simplicity and effectiveness of their state-of-the-art API in your digital currency ventures.