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Does Deepcoin have an API?

Does Deepcoin have an API?

Yes, Deepcoin does have an API, which allows access to various information such as authentication, account management, market data, trading, and more. However, an alternative to using Deepcoin's public API is to use Mesh, which has built integration with Deepcoin along with 300+ other digital asset exchanges and wallets. Check out the Mesh documentation for more details on how to get started with Mesh.

About Deepcoin

Deepcoin, founded by Ego Huang in November 2018, is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform based in Shanghai, China. The platform offers a variety of services, including demo trading, instant crypto convert, spot trading, derivatives trading, and copy trading. With a focus on top security measures, fortified risk control systems, and 24/7 multilingual support, Deepcoin has been operating stably for over 5 years and is available in more than 20 countries.

General usage

Here's a brief summary of Deepcoin’s APIs.

  1. Authentication API: Provides secure access to Deepcoin's trading system. Users must create an APIKey and include specific headers in their requests to ensure secure and authenticated interactions.
  2. Account Management API: Allows users to manage their Deepcoin accounts programmatically. Features include account setup, access to trading history, and other account-related functionalities.
  3. Market Data API: Offers access to real-time and historical market data, essential for users needing market insights for trading strategies and analysis.
  4. Trading API: Facilitates cryptocurrency trading with features supporting various order types and trading operations. Ideal for users engaged in active trading on the Deepcoin platform.
  5. Websocket API: Provides both private and public WebSocket subscriptions for high-frequency, real-time market data streaming. This API is critical for algorithmic traders and applications requiring immediate market data updates.
  6. Copy Trading API: Allows users to engage in copy trading, where they can replicate the trading strategies of experienced traders, suitable for beginners or those looking to automate their trading based on successful patterns.

Rate Limits

Here are Deepcoin’s rate limits:

  • Get candlesticks: 40 requests per 2 seconds
  • Get instruments: 20 requests per 2 seconds
  • Get order info by id: 5 requests per 2 seconds
  • Get leader position (Copy Trading): 1 request per second
  • Get leader estimated profit (Copy Trading): 1 request per second


This is how you authenticate your requests to the Deepcoin API:

  1. Generate an API key on the Deepcoin website, and securely store the API key, Secret key, and Passphrase.
  2. Set the appropriate permissions for your API key, and link it with up to 20 IP addresses if needed.
  3. Include the DC-ACCESS-KEY, DC-ACCESS-SIGN, DC-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP, and DC-ACCESS-PASSPHRASE headers in your requests.
  4. Calculate the DC-ACCESS-TIMESTAMP header as the number of milliseconds since Unix Epoch in ISO format (e.g., 2020-12-08T09:08:57.715Z).
  5. Create the DC-ACCESS-SIGN header by generating a prehash string of timestamp + method + requestPath + body, signing it with the SecretKey using HMAC SHA256, and then encoding the signature in Base64 format.


Here is the three most common API error for Deepcoin:

  • API frozen, please contact customer service (HTTP Status Code: 400, Error Code: 50100): If you encounter this error, reach out to Deepcoin's customer service for assistance, as your API access may be temporarily suspended.
  • Broker id of APIKey does not match current environment (HTTP Status Code: 401, Error Code: 50101): Ensure that you are using the correct API key for the environment you are working in (e.g., testnet vs. mainnet) to resolve this error.
  • Timestamp request expired (HTTP Status Code: 401, Error Code: 50102): To fix this error, make sure that the timestamp used in your API request is synchronized with the server's time and is within the acceptable time window.

An alternative to the Deepcoin API.

While Deepcoin's API offers a way to interact with their trading platform, using Mesh to integrate with Deepcoin can provide several advantages. Mesh is designed to simplify the process of accessing and managing digital assets across multiple exchanges and wallets. Here are some reasons why using the Mesh API is a better option than accessing Deepcoin's API directly:

  • Integrated User Experience: Mesh seamlessly embeds cryptocurrency functionalities into your app, offering a smooth user journey without the need to switch between platforms or generate API keys.
  • Broad Connectivity: With a single integration, Mesh connects to over 300 brokerages, exchanges, and wallets, providing extensive flexibility and choice for users.
  • Simplified Asset Management: Mesh's transfer UX simplifies the process of depositing and transferring assets from various sources directly within the app, enhancing user convenience and reducing friction.
  • Cost Benefits: Mesh offers a customizable pricing model for businesses, enabling you to review volume-based plans and find a cost-effective solution for your needs.

By using Mesh to integrate with Deepcoin, you can streamline the user experience, access a broader range of platforms, simplify asset management for end users, and potentially save on costs. Start with Mesh today and experience the ease and efficiency of their cutting-edge API in your digital currency endeavors.