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Does have an API?

Does have an API?

Yes, does have an API that allows for various operations such as creating orders, canceling orders, and listing personal trading history. You can find more information about the API in the documentation. However, an alternative to using's public API is to use the Mesh API, which has built integrations with along with 300+ other digital asset exchanges and wallets.

About, based in George Town, Cayman Islands, is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers trade, investment, and digital wallet services. With over 1,700 cryptocurrencies available for trading, the platform has grown to accommodate more than 101-250 employees. Founded in 2013, provides a range of services, including Startup, Trade Spot, Margin & ETF, Perpetual Futures, and more, catering to the needs of various users in the crypto space.

General usage

Here's a brief summary of’s APIs:

  1. Trading APIs: These allow for operations like creating orders, cancelling orders, listing personal trading history, and more. There are specific APIs for spot, margin, and futures trading.
  2. Market Data APIs: These APIs provide real-time market statistics, such as ticker information, trade data, order book details, and others.
  3. WebSocket API: This includes functionalities like ticker subscription, market ticker notifications, trades query and subscription, and canceling subscriptions.


Here are the most common API errors for API:

  • INVALID_PARAM_VALUE: This error indicates that one or more parameters in your API request have invalid values. Double-check your request parameters and ensure they match the expected format and values.
  • INVALID_SIGNATURE: This error suggests that the signature you provided in the API request is incorrect. Review your signature calculation process and ensure it follows the guidelines provided in the API documentation.
  • ACCOUNT_LOCKED: If you receive this error, it means your account has been locked. Contact support to resolve the issue and regain access to your account. Remember not to share your API key information with customer service or others to avoid asset risk.

Recent changes

Here are five of the most recent changes to the API:

  • APIv4 v4.63.0: This update introduced improvements to the API, including the ability to create multiple keys with different permissions and the merging of spot and futures API keys.
  • SDK updates: has released SDKs for various programming languages, such as Python, Java, PHP, Go, C#, NodeJS, and JavaScript. If you experience difficulties using an SDK, consult the demo applications provided with the SDKs for reference and best practices.
  • APIv4 permissions: The recent changes include updates to APIv4 permissions.
  • APIv4 signed request requirements: With the recent updates, there have been changes to the signed request requirements for APIv4.
  • Error handling: The recent changes also include updates to error handling and error labels.

An alternative to the API

While's API provides access to various trading operations, using the Mesh API offers several advantages that make it a more attractive option for developers and businesses looking to streamline digital asset management for their users. Here are some of the standout features of Mesh API:

  • Integrated User Experience: The Mesh API seamlessly embeds digital asset functionalities into your app, offering a smooth user journey.
  • Broad Connectivity: With a single integration, the Mesh API connects to over 300 digital asset exchanges and wallets, providing extensive flexibility and choice.
  • Simplified Asset Management: The Mesh API eases the process of depositing and transferring assets, allowing transfers from various sources directly within your app for enhanced user convenience.
  • Cost Benefits: Mesh offers customized pricing options for businesses, which can be discussed with their sales team.

Start with Mesh today and experience the ease and efficiency of their cutting-edge API in your digital asset endeavors.