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Does BitFlyer have an API?

Does BitFlyer have an API?

Yes, BitFlyer does have an API that provides access to data, including price data, for its bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. However, if you're looking for an alternative that allows you to integrate with BitFlyer and 300+ other digital assets, consider using Mesh instead!

About BitFlyer

BitFlyer, founded by Masuda Rikiya, Takafumi Komiyama, and Yuzo Kano in 2014, is a Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace that enables customers to buy, sell, and spend various digital assets. With a team of 11-50 employees, BitFlyer offers an API for clients to access and control their accounts, as well as e-commerce payment services for businesses to transfer Bitcoin securely. Catering to a wide range of users, BitFlyer provides a user-friendly platform with high security standards and zero fees for certain transactions.

General usage

Here's a concise overview of BitFlyer's APIs:

  1. Lightning API: Offers HTTP and Realtime APIs for trading and real-time data. The HTTP API provides Public (no key needed) and Private (key required) access, while the Realtime API delivers data via WebSocket and JSON-RPC 2.0, with both public and private channels.
  2. chainFlyer API: This API focuses on blockchain data, providing endpoints for blocks, transactions, and addresses, essential for blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency transactions.
  3. bitFlyer Lightning API Playground: An interactive tool for exploring and testing bitFlyer's API capabilities, facilitating easy integration for developers.

Rate Limits

The rate limits for BitFlyer are:

  • Same IP Address: 500 queries per 5 minutes
  • Orders with Volume <= 0.1: 100 placements per minute (exceeding this limit will enforce a temporary decreased limit of 10 times per minute for the duration of 1 hour)
  • Private APIs: 500 queries per 5 minutes
  • Specific Endpoints:
  • POST /v1/me/sendchildorder: 300 queries per 5 minutes
  • POST /v1/me/sendparentorder: 300 queries per 5 minutes
  • POST /v1/me/cancelallchildorders: 300 queries per 5 minutes


This is how you authenticate your BitFlyer API:

  1. Generate an API Key and API Secret via the BitFlyer platform, and note down the key and secret.
  2. Set the appropriate permissions for your API Key based on your needs.
  3. Include the ACCESS-KEY, ACCESS-TIMESTAMP, and ACCESS-SIGN headers in your API requests.
  4. Calculate the ACCESS-TIMESTAMP header as the number of seconds since Unix Epoch in UTC.
  5. Create the ACCESS-SIGN header by generating a sha256 HMAC using the API Secret on the prehash string, which includes the timestamp, method, request path, and body (if applicable). Include the resulting signature in the ACCESS-SIGN header.

An alternative to the BitFlyer API

Mesh stands out as a superior option to BitFlyer's API, especially for developers and businesses seeking a simple and cohesive experience in handling cryptocurrency transactions. The key features of Mesh's API are outlined below:

  • Single Integration, Multiple Exchanges: Mesh connects to over 300 brokerages, exchanges, and wallets with just one integration, providing extensive flexibility and choice for developers and businesses.
  • Streamlined Asset Management: Mesh simplifies the process of depositing assets and transferring funds from various sources directly within your app, enhancing user convenience and experience.
  • Embedded User Experience: Mesh seamlessly embeds cryptocurrency functionalities into your app, offering a smooth and user-friendly journey for your customers.
  • Cost-Effective: Although specific pricing details are not available on the provided sources, Mesh offers a free trial and customizable pricing plans for enterprise businesses, which can be discussed with their sales team.

Start with Mesh today and experience the ease and efficiency of their cutting-edge API in your digital currency endeavors.