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Keep customers in your app with real-time portfolio aggregation and embedded trading capabilities
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The Problem

It’s hard to keep customers on your platform when they have to navigate through multiple third party apps to manage their investments. It’s also hard to offer well-informed advice with an incomplete view of their portfolio. This limits your value proposition, decreases engagement, and increases the risk of churn.

The Solution

Let your customers manage their whole financial life right from your app.

How Mesh Can Help
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A single Mesh integration lets your customers aggregate brokerage and crypto accounts from hundreds of institutions in one place for a complete view of their portfolio.

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Embedded investment capabilities let your customers trade on their favourite brokerages (Robinhood, WeBull, eToro, E*Trade, etc.) without ever leaving your platform and with no additional fees.

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Your customers can make informed investment decisions with real-time data powered by real API’s (no more stale data screen scraping).