Become your customers’ one-stop-shop for banking with real-time, aggregated data from their third party accounts.
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The Problem

Consumers’ financial lives span multiple institutions and accounts making it difficult to build a complete financial picture. This leads to consumers engaging with multiple apps, and providers making under-informed decisions.

The Solution

Build a complete financial profile by aggregating real-time financial data into one interface with one account.

How Mesh Can Help
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Mesh integrates with 300+ financial institutions with real APIs (not screen scraping), providing real-time, reliable data on holdings, balances, and transactions that let your customers and you make informed decisions.

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A single integration with Mesh enables your customers to connect accounts from hundreds of financial institutions to your app with an intuitive and seamless user experience.

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Mesh unlocks connectivity with brokerages, centralized crypto exchanges, and self-custody wallets, allowing your app to become asset class agnostic and to create full financial profiles.

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Real API’s give you the ability to view aggregated, normalized transaction data back to account creation; Mesh doesn’t add any arbitrary cap on transaction history.