Embedded Crypto Deposits

Keep customers in your app with an embedded, guided asset deposit experience
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Funding wallets with external assets introduces far more user friction than other modern finance experiences. Mesh’s Transfer UX is here to make this experience easier and safer for your customers.

An embedded, all-in-one experience

Say goodbye to switching between apps, generating API keys, and copying/pasting long addresses. Say hello to a human-friendly, embedded experience for customers to deposit assets from other exchanges or wallets.

No more wild goose chase

No more wild goose chase

Exchange withdrawal features are hidden and unpleasant. Mesh's UX allows users to simply login to an external account with their username & password and begin a withdrawal without searching for where or how to do it.


Informed network selection

Transfer fees vary considerably between networks and aren't readily transparent. Mesh's Transfer UX gives your customer full visibility into each network's fees so they can make an informed decision before sending assets.

Network compatibility ensured

Network compatibility ensured

Mesh has mapped network names between platforms and only shows your customers compatible options to safeguard against the loss of funds. No more guessing or scary warnings, just safe and informed transfers.